Monday, January 28, 2008

Pictures in Text

  • Choose a bold strong font, like Haettenschweiler, Team MT or Windsor
  • Choose a picture to put in the text. Ctrl+a to select and ctrl+c to copy
  • Go to your text layer and using the magic wand, click in the first letter (make sure “contiguous” above is selected
  • Create a new layer above your text layer
  • Make sure you have the new layer highlighted and press ctrl+shift+v to insert the picture into your selection.
  • Resize and move the picture around to where you want it to be
  • You can put more than one picture in a letter if you want.
  • Do the same thing with papers
To select all the letters at once with the wand so you can put just one picture or one paper in all the letters, make sure you unclick “contiguous” above.

Here is another way to do it:

1. Choose the text tool and write a word--big and bold works better.
2. Click Ctrl+thumbnail of the text layer--the word will become selected.
3. Click on the eye of the text layer--you will no longer see the word.
4. Click on your background layer and press Ctrl+c and then Ctrl+v--you will see a new layer appear above your background.
5. Choose a layer style, like an emboss or a bevel.
6. Move your text--ta da!!

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