Friday, February 15, 2008


Alison says:
Calendar templates are fun and easy to create.You can laminate them and write with a dry erase marker.  It's a cute and inexpensive way to keep track of your family activities. If you know someone who has a lot of birthdays to keep track of, you can make a set of them tied together with ribbons or a metal ring and give it as a gift.

Ann says:
Nancy Stoltenberg makes calendars as Christmas gifts for the children each year. She has pictures of all the grandchildren, and all family birthdays are identified in the appropriate place.

Although I haven't made these (see pictures below) I love them because right now I'm into anything blended. You can find them at Scrapgirls here 
They also have lots of other calendars to choose from, but here are some samples of the blended ones. You use your own art.

The images on the left show how the calendar templates come to you. They will be in layers.  Just drag your pictures or elements to the place you want them on the template.  Why make a plain calendar when you can create these? Below are some larger sizes of two calendar pages.

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