Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Changing the Color

Last year when our daughter Ryann was in the fourth grade and studying all about California in her 4th grade class, extra credit was offered if the students visited one or more California missions.

Ryann was disappointed when I told her it would be impossible to do any traveling to see the missions. The closest one was four hours away and I was 8 months pregnant at the time.

Instead, we took a picture of her and extracted her from the photo. We then changed the color of her shirt to about 8 different colors. Then we downloaded various pictures of missions from the internet and moved her over onto the different pictures and added a title.

She took the finished photos into her class the next day and showed her teacher. Her teacher thought they were real and was amazed that she had been to so many missions in just one weekend! Ryann told her they were photoshopped and she was amazed. She didn't give her any extra credit though, darn it!

How to change color:
Use your magnetic lasso tool and select the area you want to change. Pressing control+u will bring up the hue/saturation option. Go under the master drop down menu at the top and choose the color closest to the color you want to change. Use the Hue slider to find a color that will work for you. Wa la! Amazing!

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