Friday, February 1, 2008

Rounded Corners

If you want to put rounded corners on your photo, you can easily use the rounded square cookie cutter. But if you want to have more control on the radius of your curves, follow this tutorial:
  • Put your picture on your canvas
  • Choose your rounded rectangle tool (it’s with the shapes tool and rectangle tool). You can also toggle through them by pressing U
  • Set the radius to 60 px
  • Draw a colored box with the rounded rectangle tool on top of the photo. You can take the opacity down on the rectangle if you want to see exactly where you'll be rounding.
  • Press control + the rounded rectangle layer thumbnail to select it or use the magic wand to select it
  • Press shift+control+I for inverse select
  • Click on the photo layer and press delete
  • Press control+D to deselect and throw the rounded rectangle box in the trash.
  • If you want the corners more rounded, set the radius to a higher pixel level and vice versa for less rounded corners
  • Put a rounded corner matt behind your photo


Tara said...

Very nice - I wondered how to change the roundedness of the corners -- this is good. I've also rounded corners using a cookie cutter, but it doesn't let you adjust the radius.
Thanks, Alison!

Ann said...

You just can't stop, can you? Wait until I get home from Hawaii and teach you what I've learned about brushes!!