Saturday, August 2, 2008

Words of the Heart (Word Art)

Words can have power when it comes to memory keeping.

A combination of words and unique design, it's what's known in the
digital scrapbooking community as "word art".

By turning words into art you can dress up your pages with a digital
twist on creative writing.

In scrapbooking, the fonts you choose help determine the style and
feel of the words on your page. For example, in the wedding page below the script font of the word "eternity" fits the page perfectly, giving it an elegant and beautiful feel, just how a wedding page should be.  If a large, rough, grunge font were used, it would totally be out of place.

You can easily make your own word art from titles quotes or journaling. It's so popular that, there's many sites you can buy pre-made word art or find it for free. This is an area where I like to "scraplift" ideas from others when wanting to add cool word art to my pages. When I see a layout where someone has does something unique with their word art, I scan or save from online the page and keep them in a folder on my computer so I can refer to it if I need an idea in the future.

Added Note as of 2013:  You can find good ideas anywhere on line and pin them to your pinterest board, then go there when you need to find a good idea.

I found the below quote in a scrapbooking magazine and knew I had to turn it into word art for a digital scrapbook page for my son, Luke:

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