Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Eye Fix

One thing I really love about Photoshop is the ability to fix red eye so quickly. I touched on this in the blog entry I did earlier called "Enhancing Your Photos". I love this feature so much that I'm going to give it its own blog section. I received several Christmas cards this year with red eye in them. There's no excuse for that! It's such an easy thing to fix and will really enhance your photos.

You don't need to draw a box around the eye like you have to do in some other programs. Just make sure you are on the red eye removal tool in your tools pallet (for Photoshop CS users, shift+j will help you find that tool and toggle through the options) and click on the eye. You don't even have to click exactly on the red part of the eye. Anywhere in the general vicinity will work. Photoshop will find the red area and turn it black. You can also take the picture into the quick fix area and press the auto red eye tool and it will automatically fix all red eyes for you. Or, an even faster way is to just press Ctrl+R to take care of it all! It's genius!

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