Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Cards


I (Alison) got the bug to design a Valentine's Day card this morning and the first picture that came to my mind was of my three adorable nieces sitting in a bath tub.  I took this picture of them in October, 2012 in Park City by an old barn that just happened to have a random old bathtub sitting behind it. 

 I've designed cards for my kids in the past to hand out to their friends and they've always been a big hit (especially if their favorite candy is attached.)  I usually design them to be printed as a 4x6 or I'll design them as a 2x3 and put two onto a 4x6 print so I can get more for my money.  If your muse is gone, I would suggest getting ideas from creative people on Pinterest or places that sell personalized holiday cards like ShutterflyTiny Prints, or Minted.


Hi, this is Ann.  I got inspired by Alison's valentines and decided to make one for my sweetheart.  I used a heritage-themed digital art template and a colored picture from our wedding. I turned the picture B&W and added my personal message. Total time:  About five minutes.

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