Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another way to put pictures in text

There are lots of ways to put pictures in text and I already have posted on this subject. But last week I discovered another way, purely by accident! I was messing around with making brushes look embossed. I decided to do it with text instead. When I did it, the photo behind my word went into the text. Then I moved the text down to the bottom of the page and it took the photo with it without cutting anything out on the page. It was so easy! Follow these steps:

1. Choose the text tool and write a word--big and bold works better.
2. Click Ctrl+thumbnail of the text layer--the word will become selected.
3. Click on the eye of the text layer--you will no longer see the word.
4. Click on your background layer and press Ctrl+c and then Ctrl+v--you will see a new layer appear above your background.
5. Choose a layer style, like an emboss or a bevel.
6. Move your text--ta da!!

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